Lords Of Denman

Lords Of Denman

July 6, 2010

Lords of Denman is the chosen name of a new East Texas based Big Band with a difference. Organized and put together by well known band leader and singer/musician Dixon Shanks, the Lords of Denman intend to bring a new energy and sound to East Texas seldom experienced since the heydays of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Combined with some of the best songs and arrangements from the 70’s to the present time, the ‘Lords’ have a unique and impressive show that will please and impress audiences of all ages.

Shanks contributes his own brand of high energy, leadership and vocal abilities to a big band sound that is second to none. The ‘Lords’ consist of a full ensemble that includes saxes, trombones, trumpets and rhythm section of the best musicians in the area, from top college students to seasoned ‘road dog’ veterans. Lords of Denman creates a powerhouse of sound with arrangements from such diverse artists as: Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, Tom Jones, R.E.M., The Black Crows, Michael Buble’ and many more….This band covers all the bases in a way that appeals to young and old.

The musicians all bring talent and experience that stems from a lifelong love and appreciation of music.  Some members have played with world famous artists such as Sammy Davis Jr., Harry James, George Strait, Bob Hope and the list goes on and on. Others are involved with movie soundtracks, have recording contracts and still others continue current successful music careers.

Putting together a band that boasts having a keyboard man from the Air Force “Airmen of Note” and the lead trombone player from Guy Lombardo and Billy May and screaming trumpets and saxes from Stephen F. Austin University (not to mention the vocal talents of Dixon Shanks) means you are in for a treat.

The rhythm section of Lords of Denman is a combination of power and finesse. With two keyboards, two basses, one rockin’ guitar and a drummer…they are able to accomplish any style of music. Rock, swing, funk or jazz….nothing is too cool for these smooth operators.

Lords of Denman bring a high level of fun, entertainment and musicianship to any event!


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